Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring has completed its most fascinating and magnificent work in creating an extensive open environment for players to explore. George R. R. Martin’s collaborative efforts really executed some half of it, and the competence is unreal. While there are several reasons to like this game, my favorites are the wide open-world and the wandering NPCs. Rose Church is where you’ll come across the White-faced, Varre. Before you begin his questline, you must first collaborate with him on the Church. So, here’s our route on getting to Rose Church in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Rose Church Location

  • Rose Church is positioned on the Lakes of Liurnia in the direction of the northwest of the Limgrave and south of the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Once you attain the Lakes of Liurnia, comply with your means by the marshes.
  • Traverse by the marshes within the southwest route.
  • As you proceed, you would possibly encounter some Albinaurics on the best way. You can both defeat them or proceed additional.
  • You can even encounter the Sanguine Noble who principally spawns within the heart of the Church.
  • As you journey by marshes, you’ll come throughout an isle. Go forward and enter the Rose Church.
elden ring how to get to rose church
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  • There’s not a lot to do right here besides begin the questline for Varre.
  • You can have a chat with the White-faced Varre on the entrance of the church in the direction of the North.
  • Upon speaking with Varre, he would possibly provide the Festering Bloody Finger that can be utilized for invasions.
  • You can collect some Bloodroses and Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook as you discover the Rose Church space.