Elden Ring
Elden Ring

The enigmatic realm of Lands Between is teeming with interesting individuals that will accompany you on your trip. Alexander was my personal favourite until Boc, the Seamster, showed around. He is a demi-monkey who can change your tools without cost. But Boc is duped by some clod (fool), who turns him into a tree. So, here’s our strategy to completing the questline for Boc in Elden Ring.

How to Complete the Boc Questline in Elden Ring?

Mentioned beneath are all of the areas where you’ll be able to encounter Boc, the Seamster.

First Encounter with Boc

  • The first location you’ll encounter Boc, the Seamster might be to the south of Northern Agheel Lake, Site of Grace.
  • As you go by the bushes, you’ll hear somebody calling you. When you hit one of many small bushes, Boc will remodel again to a demi-monkey.
first boc encounter elden ring
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  • When you chat with him, he’ll tell you that he was banished into the cave and told not to return. When he was driven out of the cave, someone cast a magic that transformed him into a tiny tree.
  • He will specific his gratitude and reward you with 10 mushrooms.
  • Boc asks should you can keep for some time in order that he can retrieve his belongings from a cave to provide you one thing extra worthwhile.

Second Encounter

  • You will encounter him for the second time on the Coastal Cave positioned within the Western Limgrave.
  • You will discover him crushed up whereas laying subsequent to the Site of Grace.
  • Some Demi-humans knocked Boc for retrieving his belongings. You can get them again for him.
boc questline elden ring
  • You will encounter a number of enemies (you could keep away from) and two Demi-human Chief bosses.
  • Upon the defeat of those two bosses, they may drop the Tailoring instruments and Sewing needle from Boc.
  • Return to Boc on the site of Grace, to return his belongings.

Third Encounter

  • You can meet him once more on the Lake-facing Cliffs, Site of Grace. You have to relaxation on the Site of Grace for him to look once more.
  • Upon resting, he might be right subsequent to the positioning and check with you as Master. He will ask and plead if he can alter your clothes.
  • Even should you select to depart, Boc will alter your clothes without spending a dime as he turns into your private Seamster.

Fourth Encounter (Optional)

  • Head over to the East Raya Lucaria Gate and relaxation on the site of Grace.
  • As you relaxation, he’ll seem close to the Grace so that you can work together.
  • You can relaxation once more to speak to Melina.
elden ring boc questline melina
  • As you discuss to Melina, she is going to discuss to you about Boc.

Fifth Encounter

  • You will discover him subsequent on the Altus Plateau. It will be accessed by the Grand Lift of Dectus.
  • For him to look once more, relaxation on the Altus Highway junction, site of Grace.
boc altus highway

Last Encounter with Boc

  • Head over to the East Capital Rampart, site of Grace, and relaxation to speak to him once more.
boc east capital rampart
  • As you work together with him, select Did you see it an possibility. Boc will let you know that the Erdtree is ready for you.
  • To encounter and set off a quest for Boc, we want a Gold Sewing needle and tailoring instruments. You can discover it on the Church of Vows in a treasure chest.
  • You may also want to purchase a Legendary armor from Enia on the Roundtable hold.
  • Return to the East capital Rampart. Give him the Gold stitching needle upon which he’ll be capable to alter legendary sorts of tools.
  • As you work together with him, he’ll discuss his ugly look and the way he needs to be reborn once more.
  • He will state that he needs to be reborn by Rennala.
  • There are two decisions to complete his quest.
    • You can use the “Prattling Pate, You are beautiful” merchandise on him.
    • You may give him a Larval tear for him to be reborn once more.

If you give him a Larval Tear, he will be reincarnated as a human at the Raya Lucaria Academy. On the Academy, you will find an unadorned guy resting on the ground. He will not respond to the conversation since you are working with him. You’ll come across his body if you recline at the Site of Grace.