FromSoftware nerfed a few of Elden Ring’s trickiest boss fights with out telling anybody. Several twin bosses, like the dual Crystalians or Mad Pumpkin Heads, have had their aggression dialed again to make these fights a lot simpler to handle as a solo participant. The change was made in patch 1.04 however wasn’t clear within the patch notes. Dataminer king bore discovered the modifications in April and Illusory Wall demonstrated it of their newest video.

Before the modifications, combating two bosses on the identical time required you to bop between their overlapping assaults. Now, boss AI is much less aggressive after they’re not the one of many twins actively attacking you, and the game now usually de-emphasizes bosses attacking on the identical time. Fights that have been as soon as chaotic as two enemies tried to pummel you are actually rather a lot simpler to get a grip on.

Elden Ring gitguders would possibly say this makes the game extra informal or no matter, however the modifications to boss AI assist put together you for the fights that weren’t modified like the dual Gargoyles or the Godskin twin. Anyone that is performed a Souls game is aware of that a lot of the game is designed to show you the way to strategy tougher fights in a while. It makes Elden Ring extra constant and likewise extra approachable for individuals who have not performed each earlier FromSoftware game.

Illusory Wall reveals off a bunch of different modifications—each large and small—to the game that weren’t explicitly famous within the patch notes. The Merciless Chariot enemy that rolls up and down the hallways of sure dungeons and one-shots you now may not immediately kill you, for instance. Other modifications embrace enemy hitbox sizes and the elimination of 1 leftover chest from Dark Souls. For some cause, they left the others in.