Elden Ring
Elden Ring

The ability to change clothing in Elden Ring may be beneficial. While not the most important skill to acquire in the game, it may make a significant difference if aesthetics are important to you. Changing your gear may also assist bring a more modern look and feel to your gaming, as well as a modest update to statistics. If swapping out gear is your thing, we’ve got just the guide for you. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about changing clothes at Elden Ring.

How to Change Garments in Elden Ring?


Tailoring Tools & Sewing Needle Location in Elden Ring

You must first defeat the Demi-Human main bosses in order to get your hands on tailoring equipment and the stitching needle. We recommend that you begin with the Church of Elleh. From here, head to service provider Kale and purchase a torch, which will come in handy when exploring the Coastland Cave. Proceed in the direction of the Stormfoot Catacombs. Pass by these tombs as you make your way to the coast.

Little golden footprints may be found on this beach. These are from an invisible entity that you should attack with intent in order to obtain an Ashes of War. After you’ve accomplished this, proceed south. As you make your way south, you’ll encounter Demi-Humans who will launch an attack on you.

Because these opponents are modest in size, fighting them should be simple. However, when they appear in groups, you must be aware of attacks coming from very opposite directions. After you’ve defeated the pesky Demi-Humans, continue south, looking for a cave mouth along the way. When you arrive at the Coastal Cave, use your torch to light up the path inside.

Beating the Demi-Human Chiefs at Coastal Caves.

You’ll come across the terrible Demi-Human leaders in the Coastal Cave. The first of those chiefs will most likely be sleeping at the entryway. You must use a bow or something throwable to get their attention. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the chieftain’s attention, as well as the attention of the lesser demi-humans. Before going on to the chieftains, eliminate them with modest spam attacks that paralyse them.

There are two of those leaders, and you must destroy them with swift strokes. Begin the fight with a charged strong assault. This will allow you to establish some sort of dominance. You can even employ summons to your advantage. Also, when fighting these monsters, try to stay close the door. Take advantage of their dagger sprint attacks by counterattacking before the chiefs strike you with the third dagger attack.

The roar of the Demi-Human leader is another useful indication in this conflict. The roar indicates its determination to strike you with a series of sword strokes. We recommend that you follow protection by rolling away from these assaults. Use the gaps between quick attacks to counter the primary Demi-Human chief’s hits, and you’ll find yourself experiencing some success on this boss encounter. With a few of charged assaults, you should be able to finally saw off the primary Demi-Human boss, allowing you to focus on the next boss.

You should pay close attention to the second Demi-Human chief’s accompanying Demi-Human squad. If you have any ranged injuries, this may be an excellent opportunity to utilise them. It is possible to entice the gang to return your way with its assistance. In addition, we recommend that you use the Glintstone Arc spell to deal with the oncoming army of Demi-Humans.

You don’t need to try anything new because the second Demi-Human uses attacks that are similar to the main. Use the same assaults that worked on the main chieftain, and you should be OK. Once you’ve killed all of the chieftains, you should be able to loot the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle.

Changing Garments in Elden Ring

Proceed to the Site of Grace of your choice and put the tools you just obtained to work. Navigate to the menu and select Alter Garments. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to choose from a plethora of different armour modification options. To alter your gear, you’ll obviously need to pay Runes. You’ll also need to pay the same number of Runes to undo your changes.