Elden Ring
Elden Ring

What are the bloodstains on the bottom, and how do they teach you how to get rid of them within the game? This article will explain all you need to know about the Touch Bloodstains feature in Elden Ring, as well as why they might not be functioning for you.

What does Touching Bloodstains Do in Elden Ring?

touch bloodstain not working elden ring

When you encounter a Bloodstain in Elden Ring, you may glimpse the spirit of a previous participant in the event that they died. The Bloodstains are a type of trace that you may use in the same way as other players leave messages on the ground. When you collaborate with a Bloodstain by hitting the immediately appearing button (E on PC), you will notice a purple outline of a participant who will most likely be seen battling, following which they will die.

This is useful if you’re visiting the site for the first time and want to know whether there are any hazards around. If you see a bloodstain (or several), the danger is approaching, so be prepared. You may even witness your own demise that occurred previously. Although the opponent has not been established, the presence of bloodstains on the floor gives you a hint about an impending battle. So, if you want to stay away from the adversary, you might be able to take action right now.

Bloodstains Not Working on PC?

Several gamers may notice the bloodstains on the floor but are unable to collaborate with them. This issue isn’t game-breaking because you can see from the presence of bloodstains that gamers have perished just here. However, if you are unable to view a Ghost, the scenario is stated to be due to server overload (which can also be creating new errors). Restart the game to see whether you can work along with them.