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Elden Ring

Elden Ring players are unable to pause the game, and many have been looking for a workable solution to fix this issue. Well, there’s good news for all of you since a pause mod has finally made its way into the game. The mod, as the name implies, allows you to stop the game while playing on PC. This tutorial will tell you all you need to know about this mod and how to utilise it. So be ready for a stress-free world of gaming, where you can finally take those bathroom breaks and eat that steaming hot Pizza before it gets colder than the ice on the North Pole!

How to Use The Pause Mod in Elden Ring?


To download the Pause Mod in Elden Ring, it is advisable head over to Nexus Mods’ Pause the Game web page. Once right hereobserve the related directions and download the mod to the related folder places. You want to save lots of the PauseEldenRing.zip file into the game root folder.

To proceed with the pause mod, you must first disable the Easy Anti-Cheat option in Elden Ring. Depending on your model of play, this might be a pro or a con. If you like co-op and invasions, you’re in for a letdown. This is because playing the game without Easy Anti-Cheat means Elden Ring will run offline, thereby preventing you from using the mods we just discussed.

However, if you don’t thoughts not getting the prospect to play the stated modes, you possibly can proceed with the set up of the mod.

How to Disable Anti-Cheat?

  • To disable anti-cheat in Elden Ring, you first must create “steam_appid.txt” into the “xxxxxELDEN RINGGame” folder. Once right here, enter 1245620 inside this file.
  • Next, it is advisable rename the “start_protected_game” file to “start_protected_game.old”.
  • Now, move on and create a replica of “eldenring.exe”. Rename this file copy to “start_protected_game”.