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Elden Ring

The Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel in Elden Ring is a section of the game’s Raya Lucaria location. This place gives players a one-of-a-kind opportunity to find and combat foes. During your stay in the Crystal Tunnel, you will have to face adversaries while also having the opportunity to collect some unique goodies and awards. In this guide, we will teach you how to make your way into the tunnel and effectively make your way through it.

Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Guide


To get to the Crystal Tunnel in Raya Lucaria, take a look at the picture of the map above. Once you make your solution to this location, it is advisable to search for a ghost. This ghost will lead you in the direction of the doorway of the cave.

Once you make it to the Crystal Tunnel, it is advisable to maintain heading in till you make your solution to the Shrine of Grace. You have to activate the mentioned Shrine of Grace. Once within the tunnel, you possibly can select to summon somebody if you wish to.

As you make your way by means of the tunnel, you’ll repeatedly come throughout enemies that you can kill to progress. While operating away from them does seem to be a good choice, we’d slightly suggest you are taking them on and easily kill them.

Continue exploring the smaller tunnels until you come to an elevator. You must take the aforementioned elevator one stage lower. On this stage, there will be several items that you need collect. You will also come across a thin beam that you should cross here. Once you’ve reached the next chamber, it’s best to keep advancing in the direction of the last room while defeating foes.

To confront the final boss, enter the next elevator and descend. We recommend using your hammer to defeat the Crystalian boss (who is truly made of crystals) throughout your encounter. Because the boss’s crystalline body is subject to breaking from the hammer, you may be able to benefit from this fact. Continue swinging until you kill the boss.