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Bloody Finger Hunter Yura is one of the numerous NPCs in Elden Ring, and he has an important questline in the game. He is an important aspect of Elden Ring’s gameplay, since he is well-versed in the Dragon Cult and a seasoned hunter of Bloody Fingers. You’ll run across him along his questline, which offers a variety of exciting prizes. However, for many, completing this questline may be easier said than done. If you’re one of these players, we’ve got the perfect guide for you. We’ll teach you how to complete this questline quickly and easily.

How to Complete the Yura Questline in Elden Ring?

To begin the Yura questline in Elden Ring, you must first meet him behind a destroyed bridge to the west of Lake Agheel. Once you arrive, a brief cutscene will occur in which Yura will collaborate with you. During this conversation, he will caution you to avoid Agheel Lake due to the presence of a powerful dragon.


It is now best to travel to Agheel Lake and fight the aforementioned dragon. Nonetheless, this fight is voluntary. Return to Yura at the same place once you’ve finished. Killing the dragon grants you a Dragon Heart. When you reassemble Yura, the NPC will inform you of its function in Dragon Communion. He’ll then tell you to go to a chapel on the western island off the western shore.

When the dialogue concludes, proceed east to the riverbed, then north to Murkwater Cave. Bloody Finger Nerijus will attack you as you arrive. You must beat him to receive a Reduvia and a Furkalling Finger Remedy.

After beating Bloody Finger Nerijus, return to Yura at the same position beneath the bridge. After a brief conversation with him, it is best to go to his next destination. This area is located to the north of the Main Academy Gate. Once you’ve arrived, you should aid him fight and destroy Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin. After beating him, you will receive a Rune Arc and Furkalling Finger Remedy.

Now, meet Yura as soon as possible at this place. As a thank you, he gives you a Smithing Stone (5). He will inform you about Bloody Finger Eleonara and the importance of defeating her. You should now proceed in the direction of her location. To get there, use the Altus Highway north from the intersection. Travel all the way to Marika’s Second Church. Bloody Finger Eleanora will invade you here.

Yura mendacity may be seen on the bottom before the invasion. He will converse momentarily, appealing with Eleanora not to succumb to the cessblood any longer. Bloody Finger Yura will walk away after his talk. You will receive a Nagakiba from his body. Eleanora will attack you almost immediately after this happens. Fight against her and beat her. You’ll get Eleanora’s Poleblade, Purifying Crystal Tear, and Furkalling Finger Remedy for doing so.

After that, proceed to the Zamor Ruins. You’ll run across a familiar face here. This is unmistakably Yura, seized by Shabriri. During your conversation, you should have the option of either listening to him and obtaining the Frenzied Flame or killing him. If you kill him, you’ll obtain his armor set. With this, you’ll successfully complete Blood Finger Yura’s questline in Elden Ring.

As you can see, completing this questline isn’t as difficult as it first looks. Just keep in mind that in order to accomplish things correctly, you must follow all of the stages in this article. Take caution when combating the many Bloody Fingers, and you should be OK!