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The Boxer Bros, sometimes known as the Boxer Boys, are a unique type of enemy that you may defeat in Chrono Cross. Unlike the same old adversary, if you happen to attack the appropriate one, they will reward you. Not only that, but once you have the reward, the struggle is over. However, if you pick the faulty chest, you will have to fight them. So, in this tutorial, we’ll learn whether or not you need to struggle or steal from the Boxer Bros in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers, as well as the benefits for doing so.

chrono cross remaster the radical dreamers boxer bros
Image Credit: Demonhope on YouTube

In Chrono Cross, you may defeat the Boxer Boys by hitting one of numerous twos. If you hit the correct one, you will receive prizes; but, if you make a mistake, you must flee and wait for them to reset. When they do, strive one again until you defeat them.

They may be found in Viper Manor and are distinguished by their treasure chest-like appearance. They fight in a celebration, and the goal is to hit the one with a prize. Because there are two of them, you have a 50/50 chance of obtaining a prize or combating them. Let us investigate their adversaries.

  • Big Boxer: It appears to be a massive treasure trove. It usually drops AeroSaucer and only rarely drops ElectroJolt. If you steal from it, you will receive Heal as a common steal and Dancing Shoes as an unusual steal.
  • Li’l Boxer: It appears to be a little treasure box. You can usually steal Heal and, on rare occasions, ElectroBolt from it. In terms of drops, it usually drops IceLance and very rarely drops Meteorite.

To summarise, battle them in order to obtain AeroSaucer, ElectroJolt, IceLance, or Meteorite. You must steal from them in order to Heal, ElectroBolt, or Dancing Shoes. And if you select the faulty chest, you should flee.