MLB The Show 22
MLB The Show 22

Those who can predict the pitch will have an advantage when hitting. And you’ll be able to do so if you enable the guess pitch option in MLB The Show 22. The game gives you four entirely distinct options for guessing pitch. This option may not feel particularly beneficial on easier levels, but as you progress to harder levels, it can become handy. So, with this guide, we can quickly learn how to activate guess pitch in MLB The Show 22 and how the various options function.

You can activate the Guess Pitch from the Advanced Batting & Baserunning settings. There are a complete of 4 guess pitch choices that the game offers you.

  1. From the display screen click on on the settings button. It ought to seem like a cogwheel gear icon on the highest right nook of the display screen.
  2. Once in settings, click on on Gameplay.
  3. Then, on your Xbox Controller, hit the RT button. PlayStation users may do so by hitting the R2 button, while Nintendo users can do so by pressing the ZR button. This activates the enhanced Gameplay settings.
  4. Here, the primary choice is Guess Pitch. You can set it as one in every of these 5 choices.
    • Off: Turns of the Guess Pitch.
    • Quadrant: It allows you to estimate the pitch by looking at the batter’s field. As the name implies, it divides it into four quadrants to help determining the pitch model and location easier. The penalties aren’t too severe, but the benefit might also be average.
    • No Feedback: It employs the same method as Quadrant but provides no recommendations. The bonus for this guess pitch is high, and the penalties aren’t as severe.
    • PCI: You can move your Pitch Coverage Indicator (PCI) freely even after you could have guessed the Pitch.
    • Classic: It allows you to recognise the specific position of the pitch for those who correctly predict it. While the reward isn’t very large, the consequences are rather severe.