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Chrono Cross

Bellflower is a consumable item in Chrono Cross. It resembles a bouquet of flowers with purple and blue petals. This item is used for interacting with an NPC, who is also a character you may recruit later in the game. So let’s look at how to obtain and use Bellflower in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers in this article.

How to Get the Bellflower in Chrono Cross

chrono cross remaster the radical dreamers bellflower

You can get the Bellflower in Chrono Cross at Fossil Valley. Below are the steps to get to the Bellflower.

  1. Go to the Fossil Valley (Another World).
  2. Next, keep going north until you meet the man in front of the ladder.
  3. He will ask you if you are the exorcists. You get two options “Yes, we are.” and “No, we’re not.” to answer this question.
  4. Answer with the Yes option. You won’t be able to proceed if you choose No.
  5. Climb up the ladder and keep going north.
  6. You need to reach the cliff with flowers on it. You can recognize the place by a giant Dragon skull. This is also the place where you find the skull of Skelly.
  7. Once you go towards the flowers you can pick the Bellflower there.

How to Use the Bellflower

You can use the Bellflower by giving it to Glenn. Below is how to use it.

  1. Go to the Shrine of Termina (Another World).
  2. Here, you’ll find Glenn and Riddel speaking about how the woman didn’t have any flowers.
  3. Next, Glenn will spot you with the flowers. He will request you to present them the flowers as they want them for his or her prayer.
  4. You can select to present it totally free or ask for cash for it. Lastly, you additionally get the choice to not give them away.
  5. So principally, you should utilize the Bellflower by both giving it away totally free or promoting it to Glenn.