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Komodo Scale is a gleaming piece of commerce in Chrono Cross. This item is used by women in the game to produce jewellery and necklaces. These scales are in high demand, particularly in Arni Village. This item may be obtained in order to cast the Uplift spell, but it also has another purpose. So, without further ado, let us quickly discover how to get and use the Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers.

How to Get Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross

chrono cross remaster the radical dreamers komodo scale

There are two methods to get Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross.

  • From Fisherman:
    1. Go to the Arni Village.
    2. Take a left from Serge’s Hut and you’ll discover a fisherman.
    3. Talk to him and agree with him when given the selection.
    4. He provides you with a Komodo scale as a reward.
  • Fighting Komodo Pups:
    • There are three pups that you may combat that drop the Komodo scale.
      • First Komodo Pup: Trap it in a boulder and problem it. This will begin a combat. Once you defeat it. it’s going to drop some objects and additionally, you will get a Komodo Scale.
      • Second Komodo Pup: Climb the tree to reach the ledge. Wait for the second pup to make his way beneath the ledge. When it’s beneath the ledge, jump off and fight it. You acquire the dimensions after beating.
      • Third Pup: In circles, chase the third Komodo pup. It will become exhausting after a while, and you will eventually capture as much as you can. This will result in a fight. If you defeat the pup, the battle with the Mama Komodo will begin. You’ll obtain the third Komodo Scale after defeating her.

How to make use of Komodo Scale

There are two makes use of of the Komodo Scale.

  • Give it to the child between the Huts: A younger youngster is looking for a Komodo scale to gift to Kiki. You can give him the Komodo scale that you got from the fisherman. When you offer it to him, he will repay you by giving you Uplift.
  • Craft a necklace for Leena: The three Komodo scales may be crafted into a necklace, which you can obtain from the Komodo Pup. The necklace can then be given to Leena.