Here’s a complete list outlining all of the official patch notes for the latest update

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The newest update in The Sims 4, High School Never Ends, has officially arrived and with it comes a variety of changes to the game. As with every other update, High School Never Ends features several minor cosmetic and building changes. However, Maxis has already released some patch notes highlighting all of the alterations players can expect to see.

In this guide, we’re going to break down all of the Sims 4 High School Never Ends patch notes.

Bug Fixes

These are all the miscellaneous fixes in The Sims 4 for the Jul. 2022 Update, broken down into fixes for the main game as well as the various expansion packs. Some of which you may have already noticed but all of them are designed to help the game run more smoothly.


  • On some PS4 systems, Eco Lifestyle’s Evergreen Harbor had a lot of objects flickering in the environment. This problem has now been resolved.
  • On Xbox, interacting with Cottage Living’s Chicken Coop no longer causes the cursor to vanish.
  • Closing the Notebook interface now hides its controller legend as well.

The Sims 4

  • Sims can, once again, scoot over to an open side of the bed that is pushed up against the wall.
  • Sims deliver food reliably to toddlers via the “Grab Serving for ” interaction.
  • Sims now can “Compliment the Birthday Sim” to complete birthday parties for toddlers if that goal appears.
  • Sims with the Neat Trait now clean themselves when you click on “Hygiene” instead of cleaning their home.
  • Vault Modular Counter maintains its color underneath the dirt when it gets dirty.
  • Sims jog once again when using The MotionMonitor Gaming Mat and PrioPerfection Motion Sensor Game Mat.
  • The “Save” and “Delete” buttons now both appear when mousing over a save slot on the “Save Game” screen.
  • Sims can ask about these Likes and Dislikes without having their own preferences for them: Décor, Color, Hobbies & Skills, and Music.
  • Sims in the same house no longer have the option to ask about various Likes and Dislikes, since they already know each other. “Ask about Career” is the one exception.
  • When socializing with another Sim, questions related to “Likes and Dislikes” now are grouped together under a category with that name..
  • Placing a Lot from the Gallery defaults to its Lot type instead of asking to change to the location’s Lot type.
  • When you have a window that aligns to the dotted half-tile mark and the window is as wide as its footprint, you now can place another window like that right next to it.
  • Placing a rounded platform within another room now fills in the floor tiling around the curve.
  • Placing Dragonfly Swarm and Mosquitos on ponds now results in dragonflies and mosquitoes, respectively.
  • Cars viewed from a distance on low-end computers now look more like cars.
  • That screen that appears when you can choose which Sim to do something with the active Sim has been adjusted so that longer text does not overlap with the portrait of your Sim.
  • That screen also consistently shows the “Everyone” category now when it pops up.
  • Behind-the-scenes pregnancy tracking has some improvements for better performance and stability.
  • Promotion Requirements in the Career panel now has a helpful hover-tip.
  • The Lot Challenges icon now has a helpful hover-tip.

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Cats and Dogs

  • These curtains now can be placed around windows: Casual Country Curtains, Cozy Country Curtains, and Charming Country Curtains.


  • Gnomes placed from the Inventory no longer continue generating seed packets after the Harvestfest ends.

Island Living

  • Children make progress for their Outdoor Adventurer badge when they catch fish or frogs.

Discover University

  • After switching specialization branches in a career, your Sim now earns their well-deserved rewards from that new career.
  • The button to “Go to Class Early” now appears one hour before University classes start.
  • Sims go to University classes early when directed to if they are at their campus.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Loading ingredients now shows only proper, edible ingredients for the Juice Fizzing station.
  • Idle animations for enjoying a fizzy drink while seated at a table now play appropriately.
  • Sims can wash off the “Dyed In An Explosion!” moodlet with a good shower or bath.

Snowy Escape

  • Sims in the Salaryperson career can complete the “Host Phone Conference” task consistently.
  • Drinking the Lifestyle-Go-Poof Potion now actually removes Lifestyles.
  • Sims now correctly gain up to three active Lifestyles.
  • Mountain Climb Excursions now start instead of automatically canceling.

Cottage Living

  • Specific Chicken Coop variants remain the same color when becoming dirty.
  • Chickens no longer prevent the Egg Hunt Holiday tradition from completing.
  • Verdant Mushroom Soup now shows up properly when choosing it from the list of recipes to cook with other Sims and grabbing servings.
  • The color swatches for the long hair with bandana now match the hair color.


  • Taking anger out on stuffed animal toys now decreases the teen Sim’s Empathy.


  • Error Code “106:7f97032:aa761f01” no longer happens sometimes when traveling to StrangerVille’s Secret Lab.

Journey to Batuu

  • The “Hot Tip” mission for Scoundrels now appropriately asks for five information fragments to be collected.

Dream Home Decorator

  • The capri pants now appropriately appear as brown when selecting the brown color swatch.


  • Werewolf and Vampire Sims now exit the appropriate tunnel entrances after choosing to ”Explore Underground Tunnels”.

Tiny Living

  • The remote control for Murphy Beds now has the appropriate texture.

Bust The Dust

  • Broken vacuum cleaners now has interactions to replace it with a new one or hire a Sim to fix it.

    Dusty Chaperone Upright Vacuum now sparks when broken.

Updated and added content

Now that we’ve covered all of the primary fixes in each of the major expansion packs as well as the base game. It’s time to look at some of the updated and added content in the High School Never Ends update in The Sims 4.


  • The Sims cellular phone OS design and canopy choices had been up to date. 
  • Sexual orientation and gender now have extra in-depth choices, together with the ability to want a particular gender. 
  • Wants and fears will now exchange Whims in The Sims 4. Similar to the traditional Sims model of character administration. 

Added Content 

  • Body hair is now out there and totally free without the need for lycanthropy. You can now find a selection of arm, leg, torso and back hair for all teen Sims and older.
  • Curved walls have arrived within the Build/Buy mode. Meaning players can now place and adjust medium, large, and extra large curved rooms inside of their home.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the Sims 4 High School Never Ends patch notes. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other Sims 4 content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to change sexual orientation in The Sims 4 or where is the hospital in The Sims 4?