Dead Cells
Dead Cells

With so many weapons to choose from in Dead Cells, players can create a large number of builds. This adds a lot of replay value to the already excellent roguelike adventure. However, with so many options, it is difficult to narrow down which is best for most trips across tainted islands.

Sword fans (because of how cool they are!) have a veritable arsenal of weapons from which to choose the best blades. However, once the player reaches the later zone, most will not expand well, which means some swords Especially suitable for close combat type construction.

These 7 swords represent the best balance between damage output and speed, resulting in high damage per second (DPS) and impressive critical hit mechanism. In addition to their practical and devastating effects, these qualities make the following blades worth using.

Oiled Sword

  • Oiled Sword Base DPS (Critical DPS) – 127 (165)
  • Oiled Sword Scaling – Brutality
  • Oiled Sword Unlock Cost – 25 Cells
  • Oiled Sword Location – Can be dropped by bats with a 1.7% chance.


  • Rapier Base DPS (Critical DPS) – 106 (268)
  • Rapier Scaling – Brutality
  • Rapier Unlock Cost – 40 Cells
  • Rapier Location – Can be dropped by scorpions with a 0.4% chance.

Frantic Sword

  • Frantic Sword DPS (Critical DPS) – 137 (285)
  • Frantic Sword Scaling – Brutality
  • Frantic Sword Unlock Cost – 25 Cells
  • Frantic Sword Location – Can be dropped by kamikazes with a 0.4% chance.

Spite Sword

  • Spite Sword DPS (Critical DPS) – 144 (255)
  • Spite Sword Scaling – Brutality
  • Spite Sword Unlock Cost – 30 Cells
  • Spite Sword Location – Can be dropped by buzzcutters with a 0.3% chance.


  • Broadsword DPS (Critical DPS) – 164 (273)
  • Broadsword Scaling – Survival
  • Broadsword Unlock Cost – 20 Cells
  • Broadsword Location – Guaranteed to be found on the dead body of the Tutorial Knight in the Prisoners’ Quarters.

Hattori’s Katana

  • Hattori’s Katana DPS (Critical DPS) – 176 (266)
  • Hattori’s Katana Scaling – Brutality
  • Hattori’s Katana Unlock Cost – 60 Cells
  • Hattori’s Katana Location – Can be dropped by weirded warriors with a 1.7% chance.

Cursed Sword

  • Cursed Sword DPS (Critical DPS) – 553 (Cannot Perform Critical Hits)
  • Cursed Sword Scaling – Brutality
  • Cursed Sword Unlock Cost – 50 Cells
  • Cursed Sword Location – Guaranteed to be dropped from Conjunctivius after the 2nd time they are defeated.