If you delete your Minecraft world, you will more or less be unable to restore your game world. However, if you are using a PC, there is a way to recover a lost or deleted Minecraft world. But before we start, this method is only applicable if you manually delete the game without deleting the recycle bin from the desktop. In other cases, your world is gone forever and cannot be restored.

However, if your current situation is the former, you can restore your Minecraft world by finding the save folder of the game in the following location on your PC.


If you don’t see this folder, you may need to display it. To display the folder, just click your user folder, and then the tab that says view above the desktop search address, then find the option that shows hidden options on the right and select it. You can also use the following steps to find the AppData folder.

  • Hold down both the windows and R key on your keyboard
  • Copy paste %appdata% into the tab that will appear
  • Locate the the .minecraft folder in appdata

Once you locate the Minecraft folder in AppData, you will then need to right-click the folder. Doing that will then open a tab on your desktop that will show a list of various options.

In other words, to restore the deleted world, you need to click “Restore Previous Version”. However, as we said above, this method only works if you manually delete the world, so in other cases, if you delete it, your world will disappear forever.

To avoid this fate, we strongly recommend that you back up your worlds, you can do this by finding your worlds in the save folder and right-clicking them and clicking Copy. The world is backed up and saved and pasted there. If you want to restore your world in the future, you only need to copy the world back to the save folder of the game.