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Elden Ring

Swords are an important aspect of combat in Elden Ring, and we’ll show you a tier list of the most efficient swords in the game right here. These swords have been rated from S through F. Tier S has the most effective swords in the game, while Tier F contains the lowest and least-recommended swords in the game. With the help of this tier list, you will be able to make an informed decision the next time you go into fight with foes.

Best Swords Tier List in Elden Ring – Every Sword Ranked


S Tier Swords in Elden Ring

As previously said, the S tier on this compilation of swords in Elden Ring includes the most powerful swords in the game. These swords are the most efficient, with the capacity to inflict severe harm on foes.

SSword of Night
SBloodhound’s Fang
SMaliketh’s Black Blade
SEclipse Shotel
SStarscourge Greatsword
SOnyx Lord’s Greatsword

A Tier Swords in Elden Ring

A Tier swords are nicely above respectable. Barring a couple of minor imperfections and flaws, these swords are virtually nearly as good as S-tier swords.

ACarian Knight’s Sword
AWing of Astel
ACrystal Sword

B Tier Swords

B Tier weapons in Elden Ring are considerably above common. Featuring respectable stats and sufficient injury capabilities, these weapons are nice to make use of if you happen to plan on upgrading sooner or later.

BAntspur Rapier
BBloody Helice

C Tier

Average swords in Elden Ring. Great to make use of if you wish to rapidly graduate onto B-tier weapons.

CNoble’s Estoc

D Tier

These weapons simply handle to evade the dreaded F tier on this record. Featuring common stats, these swords are plain vanilla at greatest. We advocate you rapidly move on to higher-powered swords.

DSword of St. Trina
DGrafted Blade Greatsword
DMantis Blade
DOmen Cleaver
DMagma Wyrm’s Scalesword
DScavenger’s Curved Sword
DGreat Epee

F Tier

The poorest and least really helpful swords in Elden Ring. This tier record options swords that we don’t advocate you utilize.

FFrozen Needle
FAnstspur Rapier
FZamor Curved Sword
FShort Sword
FCane Sword
FMorgott’s Cursed Sword
FLordsworn’s Straight Sword