Roblox has not yet released a voice chat feature, but a new image from Bloxy News provides the ideas needed to enable it. The following description details what we knew before the official launch of voice chat on the Roblox platform.

Note: All Roblox users must be age 18 or over to enable voice chat. Users must also verify their age by uploading Photo ID to a portal provided by Roblox. If users do not meet either of these requirements, all voice chat features will most likely be disabled and restricted from their account.

To enable voice chat on Roblox, users need to enter the “Settings” section of the Roblox platform. Hover your mouse over the gear button in the upper right corner to find these settings. In “Settings”, press the “Privacy” tab to display a list of options. There should be a voice chat title somewhere on this page , allowing users to turn the feature on and off. Change the voice chat function to green to enable it.

After enabling, return to the Account Info tab, which stores most of your general account information. When the voice chat officially starts, the “Verify Age” button appears to appear on the Account Info page. After preparing the user’s photo ID, upload the photo ID according to the verification or use the user’s mobile device to scan the ID. All identification must be processed through Veratad’s identification/age software.

After completing the age verification step, users will most likely have to wait for a successful email from Roblox / Veratad to confirm that voice chat is 100% enabled. After completing these steps, users who support voice chat should be able to communicate with each other in most Roblox experiences.