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lost ark

The open-world of Raiders of the Lost Ark is possibly the most detailed of all time. These very distinct regions and locations offer an endless grind full of surprises. Yudia is a continent and one of several major regions that players can visit to get various prizes. So, here’s our approach to getting to the Yudia continent in Lost Ark.

How to Get to Yudia in Lost Ark?

  • You want to finish the Adventurer’s Tome of Rethramis to enter the Yudia.
  • You additionally have to get all of the Mokoko Seeds scattered within the Rethramis continent.
  • In addition to that, you additionally want at the least +50 kindness virtues for the Rapport quests.
  • Once you might have accomplished all of the stipulations, traverse to the excessive northern border of the Rethramis.
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  • You will discover a portal that may teleport you to the Yudia continent instantly.
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  • There are two fundamental areas in Yudia and they’re:
    • Saland Hill
    • Ozhorn Hill
  • You’ll arrive at Saland Hill after passing through the portal. We encourage that you look for culinary treasures and other collectibles all throughout Saland Hill. There are a multitude of bosses and adversaries to defeat.
  • Along with that, you must complete the Adventurer’s Tome and find all of the Mokoko Seeds.

Main Quests in Yudia

Mentioned beneath are all the principle quests you may full in Yudia:

  • The Search for the Nomad
  • Burned Camp
  • Street of Bandits
  • Salt mine
  • The Search for the Monument
  • Rip up the Bandits
  • Another Monument
  • Aregal Salt Flats
  • Submission and Salvation
  • The Last Monument
  • Always one after the opposite
  • Nomad Meeting
  • Prepare for the rain
  • To Morai
  • Where is Armel
  • Foxfire
  • Armel and the Demon
  • Demon Submission
  • Let’s go to Luterra!