Lost Ark
Lost Ark

The Rambutan Orchard Quest is one of the numerous quests and secret locales you’ll encounter in Lost Ark, and it’s here that you must look for the location of the Dalian Orchard. This makes it one of the most exciting adventures you may undertake while playing Lost Ark. Given the importance of the Dalian Orchard to the quest, you must learn about its location. Here, we’ll show you where the Dalian Orchard is in Lost Ark and how to reach there.

Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Location


To get to the Dalian Orchard location within the Rambutan Orchard Secret quest in Lost Ark, you’ll first want to go to the Sien Inn. Once right here, take a proper flip after which head down the highway in direction of the northern tip of the map.

When you arrive at this spot, you will see a house in the direction of the map’s top. You must enter this house by walking up to the front door. When you enter the house, you will notice a workbench. You must walk as much as possible and make advantage of it. This will complete the Rambutan Orchard Secret mission. This will get you access to the Dalian Orchard.