Lost Ark Character using ability
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Lost Ark features many distinct elements in its title to make the MMO style standout. Roster and its leveling mechanics is one of the prime features of the game. Unfortunately, the Roster system is not very easy to understand, especially for newbies in the game.

In this guide, we will dive deep into the Roster and its leveling system. We will also discuss Roster rewards in the title.

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What Is Roster and Roster Levels in Lost Ark?

You will have a group of playable characters in the game, making up your personal Roster. The game features six slots for playable characters and you are free to fill each one with your favorite characters and classes. You can also buy extra slots in the game, expanding your Roster further.

Rosters have a leveling system attached to them. It’s a unique way of rewarding players for their progress across different characters in their team. Roster levels are in sync in Lost Ark, so if you level up with one character, the game will share the bonuses it provides to all the characters in your Roster.

How to Level up in Lost Ark

Leveling up is simple and there is nothing extra you need to do in order to increase your levels. As you progress in the game, your Roster level will keep on increasing. Completing quests grants Roster XP which increases the level of your Roster automatically. Once you complete quests for one character, change to a different one on your Roster.

Rewards Guide

There are different achievements as you progress through the leveling system. These achievements reap substantial rewards, including Chest of Crystals, wallpapers and potion. You can claim the rewards for any character in your Roster. To claim the rewards for a character, hit the Roster icon on the bottom. Go to Roster Information and claim the rewards.

If you are looking for an adventure in the game, one interesting quest rewards you with Humpback Whale Oil in Lost Ark.