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lost ark

Lost Ark has a plethora of bosses that spawn across multiple continents. These world bosses spawn in random locations every thirty minutes and have an especially boosted stat. Wili Wili is one such world boss in Lost Ark. It is a terrifying pumpkin that may spawn at random throughout the areas.

If you may have simply begun grinding on the Lost Ark and have a low stat, there are a lot fewer possibilities to defeat it solo. So, right here’s our information on how one can discover and defeat Wili Wili in Lost Ark.

How to Find Wili Wili Location in Lost Ark?

  • Where can you discover an evil pumpkin? In Pumpkin fields!
  • You can encounter Wili Wili in Sunbright Hill lurking round at Pumpkin Farm.
  • Its precise location lies within the fourth continent, East Luttera’s northernmost area in Sunbright Hill.
lost ark wili wili location
  • You can discover him within the area surrounded by the grassland of a number of sunflowers.

How to Beat Wili Wili Boss?

  • As an harmless pumpkin was this horrific creature, Wili Wili is the fourth world boss in Lost Ark.
  • It is extraordinarily buffed for gamers to defeat alone. It has an unimaginable stat of stage 29 and 1419432 hit factors with 23 life bars.
  • Wili Wili wields a scythe and spins it round as quickly as you get near it.
  • Try to dodge its spinning assaults.
  • Make certain to convey your self a backup of some mates.


Once you handle to defeat Wili Wili, you’ll unlock the Adventurer of East Luttera achievement and Adventurer’s Tome reward. Along with  them, you’ll get the next rewards:

  • Magick Observer Gloves
  • Fragmented Spirit Necklace
  • An epic chest that incorporates:
    • x1 Epic Accessory
    • x2 Uncommon fight Engraving Recipes
    • Stone of Endurance
    • Secret Map
    • Eternity Essence
    • Wili Wili Card

These acquired objects and maps can’t be bought or dismantled.