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lost ark

Lost Ark features a large number of Islands to choose from. The majority of them are ordinary places, although some are event-based and only appear at specific time periods. The Medeia Island is one such island in the game. After completing the Quests here, you’ll receive fantastic gifts such as the Unidentified Stone of Flight, Unidentified Stone of Patience, Unidentified Stone of Starry Night, and so on. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to go to Medeia Island in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

medeia island lost ark

Medeia Island is a Calendar Event-based Island that spawns on a regular basis. Medeia Island spawns in the southwest section of the ocean from Shushire in Lost Ark. It is located just west of Snowpang Island. So schedule a daily exam since you don’t want to lose out on completing the Island’s quests. Board the Island and wait for it to spawn. The PVP Quest, Medeia War, will begin on the Island in 3 minutes. It is a Team Deathmatch-style Quest in which everyone on the island is divided into two teams. The team with the most points or the team with the most factors at 1300 wins.

You will receive 10 factors for each Kill. For each Assist, you will receive 5 points. Another method of obtaining components is to shine mirrors on shrines. This is possible by taking a mirror and using the Q Skill to aim at a shrine. This will win you 12 points. Movement and Attack Buffs may be found all throughout the island. These Buffs will increase your movement speed by 40% for 8 seconds and your assault energy by 100% for 3 minutes. You will get the Medeia’s Gift once the Quest is completed and your crew has earned victory.

You’ll acquire goodies (mainly dependent on chance) from the Medeia Gift’s Loot desk, which includes the Medeia Island Token. If you didn’t obtain it the first time, you may try it again when Medeia Island respawns in Lost Ark. The Mokoko Seeds site is towards the south end of the island.