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Massive Redfall Update Makes Enemies Behave More Like Enemies


Massive Redfall Update Makes Enemies Behave More Like Enemies

On: June 14, 2023

Redfall was a game that many were intrigued by but failed to live up to expectations on even the most basic levels. Despite how many thought the game would end up dead in the water, the developers at Arkane Austin have listened to player plights and poured a lot into updating the game. Simply put, this update is the size of a whole other game, and it needs to be considering how many problems Redfall was reported to have. Whether this will reignite interest in the game is unknown at best, but it’s a big move by the creators nonetheless.

The Redfall v1.1 Update

Leading up to its release, Redfall was popping all over the gaming showcase circuit but crashed on launch day. Complaints about almost every aspect of the game had many believing that it would be shut down within a few months. However, the developers were unwilling to give up and recently released a huge update for the game. It’s almost a third the size of the base game, clocking in at around 32 gigabytes.

This isn’t surprising considering how many changes are being implemented. Some are as slight as adding healing items outside a specific boss area, while others are as heavy as overhauling the enemy AI behavior, making them more responsive.

Enemies are actually a primary focus for the update. They’ve been made to spawn more frequently across the world to make it seem less empty. Additionally, they’re more dangerous with Vampires being able to more reliably hit players that are moving. Human enemies have received greater reaction times to pose a more realistic threat.

As a whole, enemies will now focus their attention on whoever is doing the most damage in battle, whether it’s the player or a special enemy. Then there’s the fact that overall pathfinding has been improved to reduce clipping issues and chances of watching enemies walk into walls or each other repeatedly.

It’s very difficult for a poorly launched game to make a comeback, but it does happen, and Redfall is going to try. With a 32Gb update that essentially overhauls the game, especially enemy behavior, it may just be enough to earn Redfall a second chance.

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