Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s new patch in some way makes the game’s hardest boss even more durable

Image through FromSoftware

It appears somebody over at FromSoftware thinks that the varied Tarnished have had it too straightforward for too lengthy. Perhaps it was the participant who defeated her with a DDR pad, maybe it was the recognition of Let Me Solo Her, however no matter it was, Elden Ring’s 1.04 patch seems to have given the game’s hardest boss one thing of an unfair benefit.

As famous by Redditor Demonboy995, the game’s most up-to-date patch has had a presumably unexpected consequence within the struggle towards Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Over the course of the battle, Malenia can restore her personal health at any time when she assaults the participant, normally resulting in a protracted, drawn-out struggle. Since 1.04, although, it seems that she will now heal herself even when her assaults don’t make contact with the participant.

For as a lot because the replies on Reddit loved joking that this was clearly an intentional buff of Malenia, it’s almost certainly only a bug that discovered its manner into the newest update. Malenia places up one hell of a struggle, however fortunately she’s an non-compulsory boss, so gamers can at the least progress elsewhere within the game till FromSoftware patches out her nasty little trick. Or, if you happen to’re feeling notably masochistic, you might all the time attempt to take her down anyway.