It is arduous to understand Overwatch 2’s latest help hero figuring out that at any second he may completely wreck your day.

On April 11, Overwatch 2 will introduce Lifeweaver, an enthralling Thai hero who has the flexibility to drag his teammates towards him. If an ally is in peril, Lifeweaver can cast a protect onto them and yank them to security. He may also yank them into hazard, or off the map.

Lifeweaver could possibly be a griefer’s dream, however Blizzard appears assured it will not be an issue.

“By way of trolling, we do have some controls over where Life Grip could be cast from, and it is doing a little detection to just be sure you’re not doing one thing actually dangerous like dragging somebody right into a loss of life aircraft off the facet of the map or one thing like that,” hero design producer Kenny Hudson stated in a gaggle interview with PC Gamer.

Heroes with their very own motion talents, like Tracer’s Blinks or Moira’s Fade, can escape Lifeweaver’s grip, however wasted talents price you valuable time in a fast-paced match.

Overwatch 2 healer Lifeweaver

(Picture credit score: Activision Blizzard)

“Internally, once we had been developing with this means, there was a little bit little bit of apprehensiveness,” Hudson stated. “However what we discovered as we had been playtesting was that we really noticed lots of heroic saves with Life Grip, particularly you probably have an over-extending tank or one thing like that.”

Within the gameplay video launched as we speak, you possibly can see Lifeweaver pulling a pleasant Reaper and Pharah via enemies as they use their in any other case stationary ults. It is a formidable show of what coordinated performs may seem like with the flexibility, nevertheless it additionally looks as if it might be uncommon outdoors of high-skill matches.

Lifeweaver has to spend time therapeutic too, however he was designed to supply an alternate for gamers who need to assist their workforce in different methods. Blizzard hopes its lengthy cooldown will assist gamers discover ways to use Life Grip successfully with out disrupting their teammates. 

I am not solely satisfied Life Grip will not be an issue given how sparse communication is in on a regular basis matches. I’ve performed over 3,000 hours of this game and I hesitate on the thought of moving my teammates round with out their permission. I am unable to all the time see what they see or know what they’re considering. It is arduous sufficient attempting to play my very own hero effectively.

Petal issues 

Overwatch 2 hero Lifeweaver

(Picture credit score: Activision Blizzard)

Lifeweaver’s different main means, Petal Platform, may introduce an analogous downside. When used, he tosses a flower platform onto the bottom that rises up into the air when he, an ally, or an enemy steps on it. Say hi there to a brand new strategy to by accident give the enemy Cassidy the most important excessive midday of his life.

Fortunately, Petal Platform could be taken down by Lifeweaver at any time and it may be destroyed by enemies, so, like with Life Grip, Blizzard appears assured it will not be as large of a problem because it sounds. I am inclined to consider it; Mei’s had the flexibility to boost an ice wall that may elevate gamers up for the reason that game’s launch and it is hardly ever an issue.

So long as Lifeweaver does not turn into the bane of each match, he is obtained rather a lot to love in the remainder of his package, which seems like this:

  • Major fireplace: Therapeutic Blossom — Hold to cost a therapeutic burst. Launch to heal a focused ally.​
  • Secondary fireplace: Thorn Volley — Quickly fireplace a ramification of projectiles.
  • Petal Platform: Throw a platform that springs upwards when stepped on by the primary particular person, enemy or ally.​
  • Rejuvenating Sprint​: Sprint in the direction of your touring course and flippantly heal your self.​ 
  • ​Life Grip: Pull an ally to your location, defending them as they journey.​
  • Passive: Parting Reward — On loss of life, drop a present that heals the primary particular person, enemy or ally, to choose it up.​​
  • Final: Tree of Life — Place a tree that immediately heals allies upon sprouting and continues therapeutic periodically because it lives.​

Lifeweaver seems to be a mix of Mercy’s constant therapeutic and Kiriko’s utility for saving her teammates. He can pump out heals and save somebody in a pinch.

Blizzard has admitted that the help class has lacked selection for much too lengthy. Lifeweaver is step one towards making help extra interesting to extra kinds of gamers—however that simply would possibly embody some individuals who aren’t interested by serving to.

Everybody will be capable of play Lifeweaver when Overwatch 2 season 4 begins on April 11 for a restricted time, in response to a put up on Xbox Wire. However to unlock him completely, you will must buy Overwatch 2’s season 4 premium battle cross, climb to tier 55 of the free monitor, or full a set of challenges.