Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Runes are a critical component of Elden Ring, and the ability to farm thousands of them quickly in the early game may be game-changing. Runes are the primary kind of foreign currency in the game. You may buy a variety of useful items from distributors with their assistance. Raking up these runes may also teach you how to stage up. Because runes will be difficult to come by, understanding how to profit from agricultural endeavors is critical. In this article, we’ll teach you how to employ the rune farming exploit in Elden Ring’s early game.

How to Use The Elden Ring Early Game Rune Farming Exploit?


To use and benefit from the Elden Ring early game Rune farming trick, you must first unlock the preparatory section of the map. After that, you might proceed to the First Step Site of Grace. Head south after you’ve arrived. Hop from the cliffs, and make sure to hop along with your horse into one of the several air channels. This will ensure that you do not get a fall injury.

Now, travel to the east and get the little piece of concealed treasure on the pilgrim’s body (Gold Pickled Fowl Foot). Then, use a whirlwind to leap into the air. Return to The First Step after that. Once you’ve done that, go back into the map and sprint along the lake’s edge until you reach a street with a fork in it. You must travel to this location. We recommend that you set a waypoint right here by hitting A. You’ll arrive at a Site of Grace after you get here.

Now, make your way along the trail near the Site of Grace. You want to take action until you reach a bridge. Keep an eye out for the Ballisters right here. Also, disregard the attackers you encounter on your route to the bridge. When you reach the Weeping Peninsula, keep trekking. You’ll come upon a deserted carriage on your way. Explore it to find Morning Star items in a chest.

After you accomplish that, head again to Agheel Lake South. Next, proceed to make your manner additional up the trail in the direction of the northeast. Keep doing so till you arrive on the Church of Marika. Once within the church, activate the Site of Grace.

After you’ve done that, exit the chapel and look for the teleporter buried among the bushes. Activate the specified teleporter and go to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. Once you’ve arrived, navigate to the map and add a waypoint in the direction of the south, on one of the numerous overcast spots. You will arrive at Minor Erdtree if you do so. Ignore any adversaries that you come across on your journey to this place.

Continue on until you reach a massive rock wall. As you scale the mentioned face, you will come upon a gigantic dragon. Ride around it till you’re close to his wing. After that, proceed towards the direction of the dragon’s rebirth. Jump off the horse and start battling your dragon. Doing so on a regular basis will teach you how to inflict severe harm. Continue doing so until the dragon’s health is depleted. The entire process of murdering this innocent dragon takes around 5 minutes.

When the dragon’s health is perilously low, go to your stock and equip the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot in your fast slot. When you’ve done it, keep fighting the dragon. After that, activate the foot and proceed to defeat the dragon. This will allow you to get your hands on a large number of Runes.