Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

The skulls are customary in Halo single-player missions and are enjoyable to locate. The first skull in Halo Infinite is a great place to start if you are new to it. In this guide we will tell you where the first skull is.

You must be in the first mission, “Warship Gbraakon,” to obtain your first skull in Halo Infinite. Follow the corridor to the right. Crates will be lifted upstairs by an elevator, and you should use the elevator that is the second closest to the end of the hallway.

When you jump on the box, you will be pulled up next to a stationary box. The Boom skull is on that box, and it will double the radius of any explosion that happens while using it.

To activate a skull, navigate to the campaign menu and select the skulls option for your run. Select your preferred option and then get right in!

The Boom skull has two sides. Both your own and the enemy’s explosives will be more powerful. While your blasts will take away more foes, theirs may be overpowering in some instances.