halo infinite
halo infinite

There are two UNSC audio logs to gather in the Nexus mission. In this guide we will tell you how you can simply obtain all of the audio logs easily without missing them.

Nexus UNSC audio log 1 Location

The first UNSC audio log is obtained automatically when playing the mission. You’ll finally arrive in a massive Forerunner area and a cutscene will be played. Following it, you must access the Nexus at a console to begin attempting to revive a lift.

A HUD decrypting an encoded message will pop up. When this readout disappears, you will have the first audio log from the Nexus mission in your database.

Nexus UNSC audio log 2 Location

The second UNSC audio log is also at the same location. The holographic chamber has three doors – one on the left, middle and the right. Choose the middle door and look to your left for a Forerunner weapon rack and listen for a beeping sound. Head over to the pillar adjacent to the weapon rack to find the audio log hidden behind it.