Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

The skulls are customary in Halo single-player missions and are enjoyable to locate. When you locate these skulls, though, you may utilize them in the campaign menu to add modifications. In this guide we will tell all the Halo Infinite skull effects.

Here we have listed all the 12 skulls effects:

Boom Skull effect – doubles explosion radius

Cowbell Skull effect – increases acceleration from explosions

Skull effect – doubles explosion radius

IWHBYD Skull effect – rare combat dialogue becomes common

Catch Skull effect – enemies throw and drop more grenades

Fog Skull effect – disables motion tracker

Blind Skull effect – disables the UI and makes hands invisible

Thunderstorm Skull effect – upgrades rank of enemies

Black eye Skull effect – shields recharge only on melee

Mythic Skull effect – enemy weapon drops have half ammo

Repository Skull effect – Grunt headshots lead to glorious explosions

Bandana Skull effect – unlimited weapon ammo & grenades and removes equipment cooldown