halo infinite
halo infinite

Halo Infinite, has a ton of collectibles for you to locate. The first mission in Halo Infininte has four collectibles. So, in this tutorial, we’ll look at all of the Collectibles Locations on Warship Gbraakon in the Halo Infinite Campaign.

UNSC Audio Log 1 Location

This audio log is titled “The Plan,” and you obtain it if as soon as you play as Master Chief.

UNSC Audio Log 2 Location

Fight the small group of banished before heading to the elevator and going up. When you open the door, you will see a stack of containers in front of you with the audio log beside them.

Boom Skull Location

During the mission you will see a room with two stories and three lifts on the right. Take the middle lift; after it reaches the top, turn right. The Boom skull can be found there.

Banished Audio log Location

When you reach the warship’s bridge, you will find an orange glowing audio log resting against the wall of the room, with several grenades and rifles around