halo infinite
halo infinite

Collectibles in Halo Infinite can be found all around the battlefield. The Threat Sensor is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment in Halo Infinite. If you’re having trouble in using this sensor, don’t worry as we will go through it in this guide.

To utilise the threat sensor in Halo Infinite, you must first locate it on the battlefield. It may be found in Launch Site, Fragmentation, Highpower and Deadlock. Threat sensor look like an odd camera with a black clamp on the rear.

The sensor is something that you can throw against a wall and it will adhere to it. The sensor will then warn you of any close hazards. This can prove really useful while trying to stop an ambush or wall bang enemies.

You can also throw this on your friends, to get yourself a moving sensor and thus locate nearby enemies.

Threat sensor can be easily destroyed, thus you have to use it with care. Thus try to put it in a location where it is difficult to destroy, or you can always sacrifice it.