There is a new challenger to The Sims on the way in which, and this one is led by a former Sims developer. Throughout its showcase at this time, Paradox delivered a brief teaser for a game known as Life By You being developed by Paradox Tectonic and led by former Sims studio head and Second Life studio CEO Rod Humble.

At present’s announcement video above was a really fast teaser giving the suggestion of green, suburban neighborhoods, home development, and simulated individuals doing actual people-y stuff like hugging and microwaving a meal. Yup, it positive seems like Life By You is angling to be a direct competitor to The Sims—North American suburbs and all.

That is about all of the preliminary reveal offers us to go on, although you’ll be able to body seek out hints in regards to the constructing interface and particular dwelling decor kinds. There is a vaguely ’70s vibe happening within the teaser dwelling inside. My very own hope is that the technique buffs of Paradox come out of the gate with an equally deep stage of interpersonal simulation that The Sims 4 is just simply now tackling in its upcoming Rising Collectively enlargement.

A bigger reveal with extra particulars and gameplay will occur Monday, March 20 on the Life By You YouTube channel.

The larger information out of Paradox’s occasion at this time was the announcement of one other sim, Cities: Skylines 2. We additionally noticed the subsequent game from BattleTech developer Harebrained Schemes, which seems a bit like Indiana Jones XCOM.

Paradox Interactive - a character microwaves food in a kitchen of a house with a '70s decor style

(Picture credit score: Paradox Interactive)