As expected, the Wizarding School of Hogwarts Legacy is a place full of incredible secrets. From the courtyard to the top of the towers, you’ll always be finding new ways to use your magic to get more items, gear, and Galleons. And the game intentionally doesn’t hold your hand for many of these hidden treasures. The Werewolf Tapestry in Hogwarts Legacy offers a unique magical challenge for players who remember to use all of their different spells. Let’s clear out this room together!

What to Do with the Werewolf Tapestry in Hogwarts Legacy

The werewolf tapestry in Hogwarts Legacy can be found near the Bell Tower Courtyard. It is accessed by running up the nearby staircase, moving through the first wooden door and taking the stairs downwards. Once you’re there, head forwards through the stone corridors until you find the room with seven tapestries. Use Lumos to shed light on each tapestry and reveal the dark story that they hold.

The Tapestry room is a lovely area that holds nothing more than a treasure chest and a very simple puzzle. Using Lumos will reveal all of the secrets that this room has to offer.

The story of the tapestries change when you shed light on them. Instead of a relatively simple showcase of artwork, family, and a kingdom, you’ll see the tail of a witch infected by a werewolf. She runs from her family, leaving them to search for her. But, her infant daughter falls asleep to her howls in the night.

Sadly, this room holds no additional loot or cosmetic gear. You will simply get a Field Guide Page for shedding light on this story. For players just trying to get through the game, this room offers no significant advantage. However, for players trying to 100%, this is a necessary step of the journey. And the chest that sits in here can be opened at any point of the game. So, you can kit yourself out rather early, if you want to track all the way back here.

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