V Rising
V Rising

Armor components such as a chestguard, gloves, leggings, and boots not only make your character appear badass, but completing the set grants you ‘Set Bonuses’ such as increased Physical Power and Max Health. As a result, certain troops will rank higher than others in terms of how useful they are in the game. There are also various unique armour pieces available from Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC, such as the Immortal King’s Drape, Cloak, Mantle, and Greathelm. So, to find out which of them is the greatest, right here’s our tier listing of all the top V Rising Armor Sets.

Best Armor Sets in V Rising Tier List

TiersV Rising Armor Sets
S+ TierDawnthorn Armor Set
S TierMerciless Hollowfang Armor Set
S TierImmortal King Armor Set
A+ TierHollowfang Armor Set
A TierMerciless Nightstalker Armor Set
B+ TierNightstalker Armor Set
B TierBandit Armor Set
B TierPlated Boneguard Armor Set
C TierBoneguard Armor Set

Many players here propose that we rank Immortal King Armor Set lower due to the poor health bonuses it provides. However, we believe that having the +15 Garlic, Sun, and Silver resistance early in the game (when you get the DLC) is worth it. This will benefit you in a variety of boss encounters and ranges, as the debuff results in a decrease in your health bar. This armour set will provide some resistance to it.

We couldn’t put it higher since by the time you receive the Merciless Hollowfang Armor Set or the Dawnthorn Armor Set, you should have enough ingredients for potion formulations. These potions, such as “Holy Resistance Potion,” have a duration of 30 minutes. Dawnthorn is thinking about everything.