Farm Together
Farm Together

Farm Together is a beautiful farming simulator that you can build by yourself. The cheat codes in this game can help you get special items without having to wait a long time. In this article, we will show you the cheat codes in this game.


This cheat code can help you take screenshots on Farm Together. To use this cheat, type “ravpic” on the keyboard while playing the game. Doing so will hide the entire head-up display (HUD) from the screen, allowing you to take clear screenshots in the game. The advantage of using Ravpic cheats instead of photo mode in Farm Together is that you can maintain complete control of your characters.


This cheat code can help reduce your game time by 5 minutes. You can increase the duration of fast forward by entering this cheat code multiple times. To activate this cheat code, type “timeskip” on the keyboard while playing the game. After entering this code, the game will fast-forward for 5 minutes. The effect of this cheat code will apply to almost all projects in Farm Together.

The weather will progress and change according to the time of day (day/night cycle). Using Timeskip cheat codes will not affect other players. It will only affect you. This means that if you use this code, the item will only be harvested for you and not for other players. Fortunately, this cheat code will not affect the pending time for farmhands or boosts.

How to Enable Cheats in Farm Together

To enable Cheats, right-click to go to the “Properties” option. From here, select the General tab, and then select Set Launch Options. After selecting the Launch option, enter “-cheats2“. Now, click “OK” and close the “Properties” option. Restart the game. Cheats will now be enabled.