Infernax is a pixel-graphics-style adventure platformer game in which you encounter creatures, clear dungeons, battle bosses, and make crucial decisions. This game can be challenging, but there are a few Infernax Game Wizard cheat codes that you can use to profit from things like endless leaps, invincibility, heaps of Gold, XP, and other fun stuff.

Infernax Cheats – All Game Wizard Codes List

Type these codes precisely as proven to get your in-game increase/benefit. Further forward, discover out where to enter them to allow the cheats.

  • ATPGNING – Use this code to unlock Over The Top G*re
  • ALEXKOLE – Use this code to get Get 99,999 Gold
  • SEPPINOT – Use this code to get Unlimited Jumps
  • NINPIOUS – Use this code to get Invincibility
  • TEYETPAX – Use this code to get a Jetpack
  • PAINSAVV – Use this code to unlock Chainsaw Mode
  • PAINTGAL – Use this code to unlock Paintball Mode
  • GKZNATEI – Use this code to get Get 99,999 XP
  • UNKLZXXG – Use this code to get Infinite Mana

How to Enable & Use Infernax Cheat Codes?

how to enable and use infernax cheats

In-game, go to the Game Wizard location near Tohan Passage. Once you’ve arrived at the area with the Book surrounded by a few of candles, push the button shown on the display screen. This will bring up the game wizard, where you will see the ENTER CODE section. Sort the above-mentioned cheat code, and you’ll see the results right away. You may be able to turn a code on and off from the Game Wizard menu after activating it. Simply navigate to the Code List and toggle them on or off.

Infernax Konami Code

If you utilize the Konami Code in Infernax, you get some extra benefits too. On the title display screen, it is advisable press the sequence – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A (O and X for PlayStation gamers) in your controller. This is a Contra Easter egg where Infernax turns into a Shoot ’em up. Try it out to see it for yourselves!