Unfortunately, when it comes to the best Warzone perks, there are not many viable options. This is mainly because only a few of them are useful, and most of the other functions are insufficient, putting you at a disadvantage. But you should consider some good Warzone perks options:

Perk slot 1:

The two recommended are E.O.D. or quick fix. The advantage of E.O.D. is that it is very practical, which makes it less susceptible to damage by throwing explosives. Quick fix is ​​another good choice, because it will trigger health restoration immediately after destroying an enemy player. It is more useful in squad-based modes such as trio and quadruple, so please keep this in mind. Double time is also a good choice, but it is not as useful as the other two.

Perk slot 2:

The most commonly used option is Ghost, because it prevents it from appearing on the minimap during UAV and prevents it from appearing on the heartbeat sensor. Another viable option is Overkill. This gives you two main weapons, which is obviously ideal. Many players will choose to get the Overkill loadout first, followed by the Ghost loadout; in that case, they will have two primary weapons and still be equipped with ghost.

Perk Slot 3:

Finally, the third perk slot is mainly composed of useless options, but our option is Amped, which can provide you with faster weapon exchange speed. Tracker is also good, but even more so if you use submachine guns or other short-range weapons. This perk allows you to temporarily see the footsteps of enemies on the ground.