YouTuber 3kliksphilip, apparently mad with energy, has bent one of the absurd PC gaming parts ever devised to a suitably deranged purpose: ratcheting the framerate of the notoriously easy-to-run Counter-Strike: International Offensive so excessive, the Source engine buckles below the load.

CS:GO is constructed on virtually the identical 18-year-old tech as Half-Life 2. Its light-weight nature permits players to eke out maximal body charges with minimal {hardware}, pushing previous the basic 60 to attain heights of 120, 144, and even 200 fps, all for maximal aggressive benefit, nevertheless slight. Counter-Strike’s built-in restrict is an already absurdly excessive 400 fps.

In a time of skyrocketing power prices and one thing not-great perhaps occurring to world ocean temperatures, Nvidia launched an absolute monster brick of a graphics card within the 450 watt max TDP, $1,600 RTX 4090. 3kliksphilip commendably acknowledges the absurdity of such a product, whereas additionally mentioning some doubtlessly extra sane use circumstances for it, all earlier than plunging into the abyss.

3kliksphilip began by eradicating each obstacle to efficiency, together with AI bot gamers and even the HUD and look at fashions to steal treasured frames. At this juncture, even the mighty Intel Core i9 13900K processor will get bottlenecked, with common body charges of round 980 from 4k right down to 720p. Pushing issues to their absolute restrict, simply gazing a wall on a very uncomplicated map, 3kliksphilip was in a position to prime out at over 4,400 fps, a really ludicrous achievement.

Maybe sooner or later, an esports-centric society of future people will develop displays to render such efficiency, eyes to understand it, and sure, even video games to help it. However does 4,400fps produce a greater Ok/D ratio? Seems, when you surpass round 1,000 fps, Counter-Strike begins to bug out. Characters begin to move barely sooner. This is not unparalleled in video games: some older ones cannot go previous 60 and even 30 fps with out glitches because of their inner logic being tied to a sure framerate, although it is humorous to make them attempt.

A 4090 pace increase will not really provide a tangible profit in-game, as on-line servers will forcibly appropriate you to maneuver at a traditional play pace, which renders player-side as a jarring, fixed stutter. In the end, 3kliksphilip readily acknowledges how foolish an endeavor this was, even when it is rather, very humorous.