Lamentum Blood Church filled with demons
Image via Obscure Tales

The Halloween season is here, making way for certain gaming titles to finally shine. One place chock-full of great Halloween-themed or horror games is non-other than the PC gaming platform Steam, with hundreds, if not thousands of titles suitable for the spooky season, why not name the ones that we think are the best? We’ve nailed down the 10 best games series that you can play on Steam. So, here are the best Halloween games to play on Steam!

Pumpkin Jack with his crow
Image via Nicolas Meyssonnier

Our list has a nice variation to it since Steam offers a pretty diverse gaming landscape. We have some horror, 2D platformers, and even multiplayer titles. So, without further ado, let’s check out the list!

Halloween Forever

Starting our list, Halloween Forever is a great little 2D platformer that takes a lot of inspiration from games on the Super Nintendo, delivering a nostalgic-feeling game for enjoyers of the spooky season. It’s a gorgeous, eye-popping adventure to check out.

HAUNTED: Halloween (Series)

If you’re looking for something with an old aesthetic that matches its retro gameplay, then the HAUNTED: Halloween series may be more up your alley. There are two titles in this series and both warrant a playthrough for their haunting atmospheres.

Pumpkin Jack

There may never be another title that truly embodies the Halloween season the same way Pumpkin Jack does. Not only do you play as a Pumpkin King of sorts, but the world is also a gloomy yet colorful spectacle that’s reminiscent of the lights we all put out during this time of the year.

Dead by Daylight

It’s safe to say that we all knew that this was going to make the list. But how could it not? With tons of fantastic Killers and a horrifying gameplay loop, there’s not another game that can keep players feeling the Halloween vibes 365 days a year as this does.

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A game that flew under the radar, Lamentum is a perfect game in many ways, but it’s the pixel art gothic aesthetic, married with the earlier Resident Evil-like gameplay that makes this feel like a joyride. It is worthy of multiple playthroughs.

Costume Quest (Series)

Whether part of the younger crowd or not, the Costume Quest series of games are RPGs that will make you feel like a kid again, shining light on the brighter side of Halloween; wonderful costumes, imagination, and of course, candy.

Vampire Survivors

A newer player to Steam, Vampire Survivors is just a fun game, through and through. Its retro art style feels very reminiscent of Castlevania, making it fit right in with the Halloween vibes that we all want to feel in these games during this time of year.

Killing Floor 2

If you’re looking for a horrifying team-based survival title, nothing gets scarier than Killing Floor 2. It’s almost as if this game was made for Halloween. It’s a Hellfest of monsters, guns, and metal. A match made in heaven.


Though we all know that Castlevania is one of the best series to play during Halloween, I’d implore you to check out an amazing new Metroidvania title that came out recently. Infernax does everything right, giving players intense combat, great RPG elements that leave the game with multiple endings, and a perfect demonic world made just for Halloween.

Left 4 Dead (Series)

Topping off our list is the granddaddy of co-op survival horror, the Left 4 Dead series. Though Back 4 Blood is new and sort of improved, there’s no denying that these are the classics. And the fact that you can mod these games is perfect, as you can add whatever Halloween things you want into them.

That’s our complete list of the best Halloween games that you can play on Steam! Be sure to check out our other great Halloween-themed lists for even more ideas of great games to play!