Valve put out a beta shopper update for Steam yesterday that goals to considerably develop the usefulness of its overlay performance. Customers working the update are actually only a Shift-Tab away from a redesigned structure, a refreshed screenshot supervisor, and, crucially, a brand new note-taking operate, which helps you to pin notes to the display even whereas the overlay is minimised, and modify their opacity with the intention to nonetheless see the game behind them.

One assumes that Valve’s intention with the instrument was to let gamers jot down reminders and door codes and the like, however crafty CS:GO gamers have found one other use for it. Noticed by TheGamer, Counter-Strike gamers have taken to sticking a interval or asterisk within the notepad, centring it on their display, and utilizing it as an ad-hoc crosshair for ordinarily crosshair-less sniper rifles.

New Steam beta update permits you to get a crosshair for snipers from r/GlobalOffensive

Gamers can obtain the impact in the event that they “Pin a be aware to the brand new steam overlay, put an asterisk or one thing in it, and set the opacity to 50%,” defined thread creator reddeaded1, letting them use sniper rifles in fight with out dilly-dallying round wanting down sights first, and racking up noscopes that can absolutely look very spectacular within the killcam footage.

To be clear, folks have been discovering methods so as to add crosshairs to Counter-Strike’s sniper rifles for ages—the Reddit replies point out every part from displays with built-in crosshair performance to drawing in your display with dry-erase marker, which I do not suggest—and simply having one would not assure you may hit your enemies, since CS:GO’s snipers are fairly inaccurate unscoped. 

However having a crosshair in any respect makes determining where your digital gun is pointed lots simpler, even when it would not immediately convert it into an unstoppable hitscan deathray. Plus, I simply discover it very amusing that on-line FPS gamers are so hungry for a bonus they’ve instantly turned a notepad operate that got here out yesterday right into a technique to get an edge on their opponents. Good show, everybody, you’re all terrifying.

I’ve to think about Valve will not let this one stand for lengthy. Even when there are many methods so as to add in a sniper crosshair that the corporate cannot detect, it is a fairly absurd look when your personal shopper’s performance can be utilized to achieve an unintended benefit in a game you made. So take pleasure in your notepad crosshairs when you can, guys, however do not throw out these dry-erase markers simply but.