All four heroes lining up in the cover image of Gotham Knights
Image via WB Games

Gotham Knights presents a unique concept behind its storyline. It shows how Gotham would look like without Batman and Commissioner Gordon, two beings who were the backbone of the city. The Court of Owls, a criminal organization, is the main antagonist in the story.

As you proceed with the story, you will encounter Penguin. He is one of the members of The Court of Owls. However, he is portrayed as someone who is diplomatic and like a negotiator between the villains and the heroes.

In a mission, Penguin will ask you to get rid of all the bugs in his office. According to him, these bugs will listen to the discussions. In this guide, we will look at the locations of all the bugs in his office.

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All Bug Locations in Penguin’s Office in Gotham Knights

You will look for bugs with an AR scan function in the game. However, the scanner works in a short range and there is a high probability of missing many items and objects while scanning the entire office. It’s best to know the exact location of the bugs beforehand.

One of the bugs is right behind Penguin, near the plant pot. Once you reach close to the plant scan and you will get the bug. Now, move over to Penguin’s desk and scan near the lamp on it. This one was one of the most obvious yet trickiest one to find. The third and last bug is near the suit-wearing statue. It is tucked as a decoration in the corner at the back of the room.

Those were all the bugs you can find in Penguin’s office. Once you remove these, the fat, devious man will be ready to talk business. If you are facing problems with FPS in the game, check out How to Increase FPS in Gotham Knights.