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Lost Ark

Obtaining Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark can be time-consuming. Not because you have to complete a series of missions to obtain it; instead, it is obtained as a drop. So it all boils down to RnG and luck. Moreover, unlike many other songs in the game, this song will not be useful in many scenarios. Heavenly Harmony, according to the game’s description, is a wonderful tune with harmonising melodies. This music cannot be sold, destroyed, or dismantled. Now that you know what it is, let’s look at how to purchase and use the Heavenly Harmony music in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

How to Get the Heavenly Harmony Song in Lost Ark

lost ark get and use the heavenly harmony song
Image Credit: Gamer Hex on YouTube

You can get the Heavenly Harmony song from the chests you get as rewards from the Harmony Island event.

  1. Go to the Harmony Island. You can use the Proycon’s Compass to check for Adventure Island. You can find this island near Rohendel.
  2. Next, participate and complete the quests on this island.
  3. After completing the quest you will get any of the following chests as a reward.
    • Aromatic Sound Chest
    • Clear Sound Chest
    • Sparkling Sound Chest
  4. Once you open the chest you will have a chance at getting the Heavenly Harmony.
  5. Remember this is a drop, and as such, you can even get it on the first try or keep trying until you get it.

How to use Heavenly Harmony

You can use this song to increase your rapport with an NPC.