The Key of Balance and the Gate of Harmony are two important items in Lost Ark. Within the game, the Key of Balance is used to gain access to the Gate of Harmony. Given how important these items are in the game, we have now provided you with only the guide for you. We’ll show you all you need to know about using the Key of Balance and the Gate of Harmony in Lost Ark.

How to Use Key of Balance & Gate of Harmony in Lost Ark?


To use the Key of Balance and Gate of Harmony, you might want to first take part within the co-op occasion. You want to take action each day at sure occasions of the day. You want to participate within the Gate of Harmony occasion.

This specific event is positioned Somewhere within the Vast Sea. Once you discover the mentioned location on the map, you might want to journey to it. Once right here, you might want to enter the gateway on the time of the occasion.

Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll notice that you’ve divided yourself into two groups. You might like to try your hand at round shooting at swimming problems. You must continue to do so for a period of time. The event will come to an end after a while. Regardless of the outcome, you will see a chest at the end of the event. To open this chest, you’ll need to utilise your Key of Balance. This will allow you to buy Gienah’s Coin and gold, among other things.

So there you could have it. This is all you might want to know concerning the Key of Balance and Gate of Harmony and tips on how to use them within the game. As you may see, utilizing them may help profit you fairly properly.