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There are a lot of things you can do in Lost Ark as an MMOARPG set in a large open environment. As you go across Arkesia, you will need to make several improvements to your gear, which is known as Gear Honing. It entails increasing the XP elements of your weapon and armour in order to raise its merchandise stage (iLvl). You’ll need some Harmony Shards to enhance your gear for this. So, here’s our guide on Concord Shards and how to farm them in Lost Ark.

What are Harmony Shards?

In Lost Ark, harmony shards are used to upgrade your weapons and armour. They cannot be destroyed, and their maximum stack depend is 999. You’ll need these goods to increase the XP of a product or tool through Gear Honing. While idea shards boost your health, concord shards increase the XP points of your gear. If you want to upgrade your weapons, you’ll need Destruction stone bits as well as shards. Similarly, Guardian stone bits are required to upgrade your armour through Gear honing.

How to Farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

  • There are a number of methods to get concord shards in Lost Ark. But the best technique to get a lot of the concord shards is by finishing Chaos Dungeons.
  • To achieve this, you must be at least on stage 50 or above, with an iLvl of 250. The daily grind limit for Chaos Dungeon activities is two per day. You can complete these activities in either standard or tedious mode for additional shards. Alternatively, it’s also possible to purchase concord shards by finishing Una tasks that reward you with these shards.
  • Concord shards may be purchased in exchange for pirate currency and are now widely available. To get Concord shards, go to Simael Bloodstone or the Merchant ship proper outside the port. If you’re looking for pirate cash, you may grind on the island and do status mini-quests.
  • One of the opposite methods to get concord shards is finishing subsequent ranges or flooring within the Tower problem. Why flooring? Because the extent of problem will increase as you climb the tower.
lost ark harmony shards towers
Image Source – MisoxShiru on YouTube.
  • It is an endgame PvE problem that includes climbing the tower as you face hordes of enemies with a ticking time restrict. As you full a ground, you’ll obtain rewards and unlock the next subsequent ground. Tower challenges yield concord shard pouches and are probably the greatest methods to farm extra concord shards.