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GTA Online

GTA Online is best played with friends, but what if you have a PS5 but your friends have a PS4? Can PS5 players play GTA Online with PS4 players? What about people who have an Xbox One – can they play with those who have a Series X|S? Check to see whether GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced supports cross-play across PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Can PS5 gamers play GTA on-line with PS4 gamers?

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The answer is no. If you purchased the GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced (next-gen) model for the PS5, you cannot play with friends who have the original GTA 5 game on the PS4. If you purchase the original game on PS5, you will be able to play with other gamers who have a PS4. This has certain drawbacks, in fact, because you will not be receiving next-gen knowledge regardless of whether you own a next-gen console.

Can Xbox Series X|S gamers play GTA Online with Xbox One gamers?

No, if you have the GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced version on Xbox Series X|S, you cannot play with people who have the Xbox One system. However, similar to the PS4, you may download the exclusive Xbox One game on your Series X|S and crossplay with players who have previous-gen consoles.

Can PS5 gamers play GTA Online with Xbox Series X|S gamers?

The answer is no, PlayStation 5 players cannot play GTA Online with Xbox Series X|S players. It remains to be seen if this function will be added sooner or later.