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GTA 5’s next-gen launch is looming on the corner, and if you’re looking to get this improved, there may be a stumbling obstacle in your path. It’s the dreaded black screen that appears while attempting to migrate your account and character to GTA Online on PS5. Is there a fix or a workaround for this problem?

GTA Online PS5 Black Screen Fix

Try the next steps if you happen to get the black display whereas migrating the account on PS5:

  • Restart the game and check out once more.
  • Check if GTA servers are present process an outage.
  • Wait it out. Check out the Support Twitter account for updates – they’ll inform gamers when such points are resolved.

Because gamers have spent years developing a personality, they simply cannot afford to lose any progress. So, when doing so, if you notice an alert with an error message stating – “Your GTA Online Profile is still being converted. You will be returned to the Main Menu and will be unable to play GTA online until the migration is complete” – don’t be alarmed. Your progress is not lost, and you do not have to start over. It’s a glitch from Rockstar’s end, and they’ve stated that it’s been fixed, so please try once again.

Make ensure that you do not turn off the game while the migration is taking place, and that your internet connection is stable as well. If you become stuck at a certain percentage, such as 90 percent, restart the game.

If GTA servers are overloaded, there’s nothing you are able to do apart from wait. You may wish to strive once more after just a few hours and the migration ought to occur easily at the moment.

One thing to keep in mind is that once the migration is complete, your GTA online save/progress will only be accessible via your PS5. It’s possible that it’ll be removed from your old-generation platforms. This implies that your character growth, earnings, purchases, weaponry, and everything else will remain in your PS5 and will be wiped from your earlier systems.