Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a very difficult game that demands a great deal of concentration, focus, and perseverance. There is a chance that players will become overwhelmed during a certain situation or will simply want a break. So you have to halt Elden Ring every time you want to take a break?

Can you Pause Game in Elden Ring?

Can you Pause Game in Elden Ring

Unfortunately, you cannot pause Elden Ring, and even if you complete the menu, your character may be assaulted by opponents. Even while the menu is shown, you may manage your character. So, for those who believe you merely want to take a break, go to a Site of Grace and end the game. You may even stop wherever you like, and the game will resume where you left off the next time you load it.

Another thing you may do is hide in a safe spot where no adversaries will come after you, but this is risky. You don’t want to return and realise that your character is no longer useful because of this. Elden Ring isn’t easily forgiven, and the stakes are high.

Is there a Workaround?

If you might be taking part in the game in your PS5 in offline mode (which is able to forestall you from getting invaded), you should use a workaround to pause Elden Ring. Whenever you wish to pause, put the PS5 in standby mode/relaxation mode.

To put your PS5 in relaxation mode:

ps5 rest mode
  • Tap on the Playstation button in your controller.
  • Press the Power button on the display.
  • You will see three choices – Rest Mode, Turn off Console and Restart the Console.
  • Choose the Rest Mode choice.
  • The game, although, is suspended and you will get again to the game after taking a break.