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What Happens When You Die in Stranded Deep?


What Happens When You Die in Stranded Deep?

On: May 1, 2023

Deserted on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, Stranded Deep pits you against the elements with no resources or a glimmer of hope. As a result, the odds of you dying are stacked against you. Will it be a shark, starvation, illness, or another natural cause that puts an end to your fight for survival? Whatever it may be, many players are curious about what happens when you die in Stranded Deep. So keep reading because we’ll tell you exactly what happens next.

What Happens If You Die in Stranded Deep?

What happens when you die in Stranded Deep is entirely dependent on whether or not you enable “permadeath” mode when creating a new game. If you have permadeath mode on and die, your save file will get deleted. This means you will lose all of your progress and have to restart from the beginning. However, if you have permadeath mode turned off when you die, you can load from your latest save file.

Beware: Sharks can most certainly kill you.

When you first create a new game in Stranded Deep, you’ll be given the option to choose your desired difficulty level and if you want to have permadeath mode enabled or disabled. When making this choice, keep in mind that the permadeath mode is irreversible. Meaning, once you’ve made your selection, you can’t turn it on or off later in your playthrough.

So, if it is your first time playing Stranded Deep, we recommend disabling permadeath because there is a lot that can kill you. These include the game’s various enemies to starvation or other environmental extremities. Nonetheless, if you want a challenge and to truly feel the weight of being stranded on a desert island alone, enable permadeath. Just keep in mind that you will lose all of your progress and have to start a new game if you are killed.

What Happens When You Die Co-Op Multiplayer?

Your friend can be your second lifeline in co-op multiplayer if you die.

Stranded Deep does allow you to play with one other friend in co-op multiplayer. So, what does this mean when you both die? The same rules apply. If you both die with permadeath mode off, you load from your latest save file. Furthermore, if you both die with permadeath mode on, your game file is deleted and you have to start all over.

There is a catch when only one person dies in co-op multiplayer with permadeath mode enabled. Your teammate can revive you and bring you back to life. However, if your teammate is downed while you are also downed, then your game will be deleted. So, if you play co-op multiplayer with permadeath enabled, you essentially have a second lifeline. Nonetheless, you still have to exercise extreme caution with every decision you make.

How to Respawn in Stranded Deep

You can’t respawn in Stranded Deep if you have permadeath enabled.

If you’re playing Stranded Deep with permadeath disabled and die, you will be brought back to the main game menu. All you have to do is click “continue” and you will be loaded back into your last saved file on that playthrough. If you’re playing co-op multiplayer, this falls on the player that is hosting the session.

It is also worth noting that Stranded Deep does not have auto-save. You can only save your game by interacting with your shelter for sleeping, which we recommend doing often to prevent losing a lot of progress when you unexpected meet your demise.

Can You Be Revived In Stranded Deep?

Yes, you can be revived in co-op multiplayer. If you or your teammate goes down, you can revive one another using bandages.

How Do You Revive In Stranded Deep?

To revive, equip a bandage in your hand and go up to your downed teammate. Then an on-screen prompt should appear with the button to press to begin reviving your teammate with the bandage.

Does Stranded Deep Have An Ending?

Although it is primarily a survival game, Stranded Deep doe have an ending to its story.

What Happens When You Die In Stranded Deep?

If you have permadeath disabled and die in Stranded Deep, you can load from your last saved file. However, if you have permadeath enabled and die, your game file will be deleted.

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