Stranded Deep
Stranded Deep

The developer console can be opened with the “\”, “~” or “ö”, and a pop-up window should appear in the game for players to use. After opening, players can write the code they want. However, it should be noted that after entering the command, the player must switch the effect with the”true” or “false”.

Each command has a unique function, but there may be some unwanted errors in the command. Fans should make sure to pay close attention to this and make sure their computers are working properly. These commands are not applicable to the Stranded Deep console version.

  • dev.god – Players can fly over the map and are immune to damage. It may help, because there is no simple way to heal in Stranded Deep.
  • dev.console (True/False) – Displays the full developer console.
  • fps (True/False) – Displays frames per second.
  • dev.time (0-24) – Players are allowed to change the time of day in hourly increments, with each number representing a hour of day.
  • help list – Brings up the complete command list.
  • help (command) – Explains a command.
  • dev.log.dump – Spawns a log which can be important for creating things such as splints and rafts in Stranded Deep.
  • dev.log.view – Shows the log in the console for the player.
  • dev.log.clear – Erases all log entries.
  • (True/False) – Adjusts the visual effects for in-game fog.
  • (True/False) – Adjusts the reflection effects for in-game fog.
  • dev.options list – Shows the current output for the game.
  • clear – Erases the command entries history.