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How to Make and Use Bandages in Stranded Deep


How to Make and Use Bandages in Stranded Deep

On: April 26, 2023

Being stuck in the middle of the ocean in Stranded Deep may seem like a hopeless situation, but don’t worry: you can make it out alive. We just can’t promise there won’t be some wounds and injuries along the way. In fact, it’s almost certain that there will be bumps, cuts, and contusions which need your attention. That’s why bandages are essential to your survival in Stranded Deep. However, the game doesn’t explicitly teach you how to use them, which could catch you unprepared in a dire, life-or-death scenario. That’s why we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about bandages, from crafting them to using them to save a teammate’s life, right below.

How to Make Bandages

You can craft bandages in Stranded Deep using one cloth and one lashing. In order to get cloth, you’ll first need a Loom, which is unlocked at Craftsmanship Level 2. The main function of the Loom is to turn fibrous leaves, which can get from a Yucca Tree or Palm Sapling, into cloth you can use for crafting.

All you have to do is gather four fibrous leaves, then interact with the Loom and choose “cloth” from the quick crafting menu. This is the best way to get yourself a good supply of cloth.

This nasty wound looks like it could use some bandages.

You can also find cloth laying on the ground or in various chests and containers. However, we wouldn’t recommend relying on that. The Loom is your best bet.

Lashing isn’t very complicated, either. You get lashing in a very similar way to cloth, except you don’t need to use the Loom. All you need to do is collect four fibrous leaves from a palm sapling. Once you’ve got them, open your crafting menu and you should see “Lashing” available to craft. Once you have both cloth and lashing, you can craft yourself some bandages. But, how do you actually use them?

How to Use Bandages

Sharks are a major cause of bleeds in Stranded Deep.

To use bandages, simply equip them in your hands, then press the left mouse button on PC or the right trigger on controller to actually apply them. However, this is where many players are taken off guard, because you can’t actually use bandages to heal. You can only use bandages when you’re bleeding. Doing so will stop the bleeding and grant you two bars of health.

That may not sound ideal, but there are a lot of aquatic enemies, such as sharks, that can cause you to bleed. As a result, most of your underwater excursions will end up with you needing to use a bandage at some point. What’s more, bandages have one more vitally important function: They can be used to revive a teammate who’s been downed.

How to Use a Bandage to Revive a Teammate

Better to be stranded with a friend than alone.

One of the best parts about Stranded Deep is that you don’t have to be lost at sea alone. You can play with up to one other player through online co-op. During your fight for survival, if one of you happens to get downed, you can use bandages to revive one another.

To do so, equip the bandage in your hand and go up to your teammate. Then, an on-screen prompt should appear with the button to press to begin reviving your teammate with the bandage. However, for convenience, it’s E on PC, Square on PS4, and X on Xbox.

In conclusion, bandages are vitally important in Stranded Deep. Although you can’t use them to restore health, they can be used to stop bleeding, and more importantly, revive a downed teammate.

How Do You Heal Yourself In Stranded Deep?

The only way to heal in Stranded Deep is by refilling your hunger and thirst vitals, which you do by eating or drinking. Once your vitals are full, you’ll begin to slowly regen your health over time.

Do Bandages Heal You In Stranded Deep?

Sort of. Although bandages grant you two bars of health, you can only use them if you are bleeding. Meaning, you can’t use them to restore health.

Do Bandages Stop Bleeding In Stranded Deep?

Yes. Not only do bandages stop bleeding in Stranded Deep, but they also grant you two bars of health as well.

What Does Medical Gauze Do In Stranded Deep?

Medical Gauze works in the same as bandages in Stranded Deep, they stop bleeding. However, Medical Gauze is much harder to craft than bandages.

How Do You Fix Broken Bones in Stranded Deep?

To fix Broken Bones in Stranded Deep, you’ll need to craft a Splint. Once you’ve reached Crafting Level 2, head to the crafting menu to make one with two sticks and two lashings.

How Do You Cure Poison In Stranded Deep?

You need an antidote to cure poison in Stranded Deep. You can craft an antidote by combing a lashing and a coconut.

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